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This is a blog about maintaining balance while navigating the stresses and demands of everyday life for the busy young professional.   Getting my yoga certification in 2015 opened my eyes to a world of natural stress relieving practices that both calm the mind while empowering the soul.

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6 Ways Yoga Teacher Training Enhanced My Career

As someone who held the title “most quiet” in high school, verbal communication has always been a challenge for me.

When I got my first job in advertising I was content executing campaigns and managing day-to-day relationships, but once I started taking on more responsibility, my shyness started to get in my way. I worried about making the wrong decisions and deferred to other people; I turned down presentation opportunities and fryoganonymous-writer-stamp.pngoze up on conference calls.

In the highly stressful culture of advertising agencies feedback was rare—unless you did something wrong—and promotions often political. Last-minute client demands would lead to unpredictable hours, and I went to work with no idea when I would leave. While I was able to easily move up at first, my motivation was dwindling and my confidence remained low. I had hit a wall. A little over a year ago, my client cut spending and I found myself out of work. And while I felt like a failure, I also saw this window as an opportunity to find something that I love.

I had recently read Arianna Huffington’s memoir, Thrive, which referenced large companies and high-profile executives who are incorporating mindfulness practices into their organizations and lives. I was a yoga practitioner who was considering yoga teacher training “when I had the money,” but all signs were pointing to now being the time. So I signed up and took on a freelance job in my field to pay the bills.

In teacher training we were required to develop and document a daily meditation practice, discuss our intentions on a regular basis with the group, and develop our own teaching voice. Learning about the chakras, or energy points, helped me understand what I needed to work on physically and emotionally. This awareness led to change, and I began to see a difference in the way I presented myself at work. Specifically, I noticed six ways in which teacher training had allowed me to find the necessary tools to grow both in my personal life, and in the workplace.

1. I Trust Myself

I realized that there is no “right” way to solve a problem. I used to worry about being the best, and putting forth the most “outside the box” idea—my instincts would get clouded with anxiety. Through my meditation practice I became more in tune with my intuition, worried less about being perfect, and focused on putting forth good ideas with strong rationale.

2. I’m a More Confident Public Speaker

Since I began my career almost 10 years ago I’ve been to at least four public speaking workshops, which only made me more nervous because they focused on pointing out flaws. In yoga teacher training feedback is meant to encourage each individual to develop a unique teaching voice by highlighting our strengths. This allowed us to continue to do what we were doing well, and feel confident in our abilities. In the corporate world, we all have distinct voices and everyone’s ideas matter. Keeping this mantra in mind has given me the confidence to get in front of a room and communicate my ideas.

3. Improved Articulation

Teaching yoga to beginners requires articulating specific direction because they have little body awareness. This skill is incredibly helpful in training direct reports and interacting with outside sources that need context and clear instruction.

4. Stay Calm in Stressful Situations

The pressure to be successful—particularly in New York—is immense, and one could argue that most people are in a constant state of panic. Breathing techniques and meditation slow down the heart rate, helping to balance the nervous system and counter that state. I used to panic when asked a question on the spot, and sometimes that still happens, but for the most part, I’m able to respond more calmly and think through an intelligent answer.

5. Better Prioritization

It’s very easy to get distracted by requests from external sources and stray off course. Meditation makes us more aware of the “mind stuff” that clouds our thinking on a daily basis, and once we achieve clarity, we’re able to focus on the task at hand and prioritize.

6. Stronger Relationships

Overall I’ve found that I now listen better and contribute more authentically. I find people are more drawn to my peaceful demeanor because of these practices.


A Weekly Mindfulness Plan

I completed my 200 Hour yoga teacher training in 2015 in New York, just before moving back to Boston.  It’s hard to believe that almost two years have passed since I left the great city of NYC and yet I still feel like I’m settling back in.  The past two years have been a little bit bumpy with my transition.  I spent the first year or so doing some freelance work and teaching some yoga before actually landing a permanent job.  The first year that comprised of unemployment and jobs with less responsibility made it easy to build mindfulness in my daily life.  Once I landed my current job, managing work/life balance has been difficult and my practice fell by the wayside.

I’ve been anxious at work when I’m supposed to be a confident leader, unpleasant and unhappy around my loved ones and lacking mental clarity in what I want and what is good for my well being.  I’m also in the midst of a career shift into building a wellness practice but what good is a wellness coach who doesn’t practice herself?   Managing stress and practicing mindfulness is a choice and small simple acts can alter your day for the good.  So Sunday night before I started the week, I decided to make a commitment to making time for mindfulness with a weekly plan.  It’s flexible enough that I can move things around based on other commitments.  I am not making a commitment to time of day, but assessing my day and figuring out where I can fit it in.

Here it is below:

  • 3x 20 minute meditation (I’ve found that I prefer fewer longer meditations that multiple short ones)
  • 1 at home yoga practice
  • 1 yoga class
  • 1 spin class or run
  • 5x reiki precepts (I’m reiki level I so can assess my energy level and figure out where I need healing)
  • 1 blog post – my 5th chakra is usually deficient so verbal expression is important.  Blogging is also fun!

It’s Tuesday and I’ve been successful so far!  I’ve already crossed out my blog post, done two reiki precepts and a meditation.  I’m feeling lighter and calmer already but with some bubbles of anxiety sprinkled in.  It’s normal while you work through stuff and reach your place of calm.




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